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Control Slips

Control Slips

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Control Slips: Sport a Trimmer, Sexier Figure Now

Empire-waist dresses and A-line skirts are flattering if you want to hide extra flab. However, they can get boring when they’re the only styles you wear to events and functions.

Wear mermaid style gowns and form-fitting wraparound dresses. Sport tiny minis or pencil cut skirts. You can rock these styles without worrying about extra flab when you wear them with control slips.

Why Get A Control Slip?

Control slips are shapewear designed to be worn under dresses and skirts. They reshape your figure by smoothening out bulges so you’ll have a trimmer looking silhouette without added bumps and creases.

Enjoy the following benefits with a control body slip:

  • Flab control whether you wear a dress or a skirt.
    A control slip may have a built-in underwire bra or contour cups to lift and shape your breasts. All styles trim your waist, tummy, hips, and thighs for a smooth and curvy figure.
    A body control slip also contributes to a lifted rear.
  • Variety of style to suit your needs
    Control slips can be like a fitted chemise or like an open-bottom girdle. Chemise-style body control slips are ideal under mid-thigh dresses to floor length numbers. Girdle-style slips are best under skirts of varying lengths.
  • Convenient restroom breaks
    Since control slips are open at the bottom, they are very convenient when you need to a restroom break. You don’t have to do complicated shimmies before doing your business. Simply roll the garment up or zip it down.

It’s best to have your measurements on hand when ordering your control slips. Your weight, underbust and hip measurements are needed to determine the right size.

If you’re ready for a new figure, check out our collection of body control slips and see how they can transform you from blah to fab.