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Maternity Girdles

Maternity Girdles

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  • Ardyss Maternity Girdle Style 39

    Ardyss Maternity Girdle Style 39

    This garment is a pregnant woman's best friend - it provides much-needed support, minus painful compression. It relieves back pains, and provides light control to your thighs.

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    Special Price: $54.00

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  • Cezara Belly Support and Post Partum Panty Side

    Cezara Belly Support and Post Partum Panty Style 4000

    Cezara™ provides you with wonderful lower abdominal, belly and back support so that you carry your pregnant or post-partum belly more comfortably, stand straighter, move with greater ease and look and feel terrific!

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Maternity Girdles: Look Fab with Your Bump

Pregnancy is a time of joy. But it can be hard to celebrate when you’re left feeling like a huge blimp on the face of the earth. Those toned abs you worked so hard for are gone and you’re left with a baby bump and back pain.

Avoid that scenario and look as fab as you did pre-pregnancy with maternity girdles.

Why Maternity Girdles?

A maternity girdle is a maternity shapewear designed to support your growing tummy, relieve back pain and retain your pre-pregnancy shape. They do double duty by keeping you in shape and supporting your bump.

Growing Belly Boost

Maternity girdles provide support to keep your baby bump lifted without compression. Usually made of restricted stretch material like Lycra, a maternity girdle’s front panel expands to accommodate your growing size. This way, your baby’s free to grow without the danger of compression that non-maternity shapewear may give.

Back Pain Relief

As you belly grows, the extra weight adds pressure to your spine ad causes pain. Maternity shapewear are designed to lift your belly and take the pressure off your spine. The added support from a maternity girdle relieves back pain as your weight is evenly distributed.

Preserve Pre-Pregnancy Shape

Even if you’re pregnant, your abs are still there under the bump. Maternity girdles keep your skin and muscles from losing their tone and elasticity so they won’t sag when the baby’s out. Firmer and suppler muscles hold better against the wear and tear of an expanding belly.

To make up for your abs, pregnancy also gives you a rounder backside. A maternity girdle lets you make the most of it by lifting your rear and shaping your hips for a new, shapelier bottom.

Enjoy your pregnancy and your new shape with maternity girdles. Check out our collection today.